Uncertainty Modeling
      Intelligent Data Analysis
      Medical Imaging
      Collective Intelligence
      Multimedia Retrieval

This research division is a collaborative center between the School of Automation Sciences & Electrical Engineering (ASEE) and the School of Biological Sciences & Medical Engineering (BSME) of Beihang University. We are actively looking for industrial collaborations. Please contact us for more information.  

  • New paper is available online: Automated coronary artery tree segmentation in X-ran angiography using improved Hessian based enhancement and statistical region merging, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.

  • Our paper Hybrid clustering of data and vague concepts based on label semantics is published in Annals of Operational Research, 256(2):393-416.

  • Both Liang Li and Xin Dou went to UCLA for their Master degrees, Jiayu Chen went to ETH, Switzerland, Hanqing Zhao went to Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) for their further studies, congratulations to them all.

  • 08/2017: We attended PACLING 2017 at Yangon, Myanmar. Yifan presented the paper and Zengchang served as a session chair. 

  • 07/2017: We got two papers accepted by ICONIP 2017 (Congrats to Lintao and Yaping).

  • 06/2017: Our ICIP paper is accepted, ICIP 2017 will be held in Beijing.

  • 03/2017: Two Neurocomputing papers are available:

  • [1] Automated grading of breast cancer histopathology using cascaded ensemble with combination of multi-level image features. Neurocomputing 22934-44 () 

  • [2] Automated mitosis detection in histopathology based on non-Gaussian modeling of complex wavelet coefficients. Neurocomputing 237291-303 ()

  • 02/2017: We got two papers accepted by IEA/AIE 2017. Congratulations to Yifan and Hanqing.