Uncertainty Modeling
      Intelligent Data Analysis
      Medical Imaging
      Collective Intelligence
      Multimedia Retrieval

This research division is a collaborative center between the School of Automation Sciences & Electrical Engineering (ASEE) and the School of Biological Sciences & Medical Engineering (BSME) of Beihang University. We are actively looking for industrial collaborations. Please contact us for more information.  

  • 03/2017: Two Neurocomputing papers are available:

  • [1] Automated grading of breast cancer histopathology using cascaded ensemble with combination of multi-level image features. Neurocomputing 22934-44 () 

  • [2] Automated mitosis detection in histopathology based on non-Gaussian modeling of complex wavelet coefficients. Neurocomputing 237291-303 ()

  • 02/2017: We got two papers accepted by IEA/AIE 2017. Congratulations to Yifan and Hanqing.