Weifeng Zhang

Beihang University
XueYuan Road No.37,HaiDian District,BeiJing,China 100191

Email: zwf.zhang@gmail.com  



High-energy, quick learner, strong team player, excellent communication skills, with plentiful experiences and a successful record of accomplishments in the circuit designing, computer programming.


  • 2009.9 to present

    Master of Pattern Recognition Beihang University

    2005.9 to 2009.7

    Bachelor of Electronic Information Engineering Beijing University of Technology

Research Experience

  • 2008.12 to 2009.5       Method of Signal Detection and Processing for Closed Loop Fiber Gyro

    ·Designed a circuit based on FPGA.

    ·Designed the detection algorithm with VerilogHDL.

    ·Designed a test software using VC++ for the fiber gyro.

    2008.4 to present        Signal Detecting Device Design

    ·Designed a circuit to amplify the input sin-signal and convert it to a square wave.

    ·Designed a program with verilog HDL for FPGA to get the voltage and frequency of the signal.

    2007.8 to 2007.10        Wireless Identification Device Design

    ·Designed a host device and a guest device separately controlled by MCU.

    ·Designed a circuit to demodulate the FSK signal.

    ·Designed a program to control the device and achieve high speed and credible data communication.

    ·Awarded second prize in National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest.

Internship Experience

  • 2010.7 to 2010.10    Fujitsu R&D Center

    --Designed DeftRFID, a Distributed RFID middleware

    --Designed and implemented a localizing algorithm based on passive RFID

    2009.3 to 2009.5      Beijing Glass Research Institute

    --Be responsible for developing detection system of the fiber gyro including

    debugging both of the hardware and the software and test of the system

    2008.7 to 2008.8      CCTV Satellite Transmission Center for Foreign Media

    Provide the foreign media with technical support, work in coordination

    with the foreign journalist completing report work of the Olympic Games


Language : C, C++, verilog HDL

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