Jixiao Ma

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Beihang University(BUAA) 2010.9 - Present

School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering(ASEE)


Machine Learning, Computer Vision


2012.9  Present    Research Student
Intelligent Computing and Machine Learning Lab, Beihang University, Beijing, China
  Advisor: Prof. Zengchang Qin (Associate Professor)
  Topic: Color of Objects


  Color of Objects

  Intelligent Computing and Machine Learning Lab, ASEE, Beihang University

Color perception is one of the major cognitive abilities of human being. Color information is also one of the most important features in various computer vision tasks including object recognition, tracking, scene classification and so on. In this paper, we proposed a simple and effective method for learning color composition of objects from large annotated datasets. The new proposed model is based on a region-based bag-of colors model and saliency detection. The effectiveness of the model is empirically verified on manually labeled datasets with single or multiple tags. The significance of this research is that the color information of an object can provide useful prior knowledge to help improving the existing computer vision models in image segmentation, object recognition and tracking.


  • Second Prize, FengRu Cup, BUAA, China 2012
  • Excellent, SRTP, China 2012


  • Proficient in C/C++, Matlab, Python, Assembly Language;

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