Yingsai (Albert) Dong

21 Dorm, Beihang University (BUAA), 37 Xueyuan Rd. Beijing, P.R.China, 100191
dysalbert[at] • +86-186-1011-1164

I am currently interested in Algorithmic Game Theory, Mechanism Desisgn, Multi-agent Systems and their interaction with Economics and Networks. Here is My Google Scholar Citations Profile.


BEIHANG University (BUAA), School of Mathematics and System Sciences Beijing, P.R.China class of 2012
Senior, B.S, Information and Computional Science Major GPA:3.6, Rank: 2/25
University of California Berkeley, School of Information CA, U.S. summer 2011
Summer Semester 2011, Web Architecture and Information Management GPA: 4.00/4.00


Summer Research Intern, Algorithms Machine People Lab, Department of EECS, UC Berkeley

    Analysis of Network Loss Probability and Network Flow Replication Game, Adviser: Scott Shenker
  • Proposed the loss probability function by Markov Chain for finite M/M/1 queue in fractional replicated settings
  • Employed the idea of fractional replication of packets to adjust the loss probabilities of different users
  • Proposed a Network Flow Replication Game with a cost function of combination of loss probability and price
  • Computed the equilibrium and offered methods for service providers to affect replicating behavior by prices
Research Assistant, Intelligent Computing and Machine Learning Lab, Beihang University

    Data Mining Based on Collective Behavior Decomposition of Games, Adviser: Zengchang Qin
  • Explored the problem of learning collective behaviors by decomposing games and mechanism design in multi-agent systems
  • Presented the minority game data mining (MGDM) model and evolutionary mixed-games learning (EMGL) model in which we assume the aggregated information of market is generated by the combination of agent groups employing different atrategies
  • Applied MGDM and EMGL model to prediction market by testing on a few stocks randomly selected from Shanghai Stock Exchange and the USD-RMB exchange rate
    Sellers Information Analysis and Integrated Pricing Model for Online Trading, Adviser: Zengchang Qin
  • Wrote web crawler in Java searching for seller info on (a website for online shopping, similar to eBay)
  • Analyzed the sellers' information and reputation system using a supervised learning approach
  • Presented an integrated pricing model
Head of Technology Department, Microsoft Student Technology Club, Beihang University

    The Third Programming Competition for Beihang University Students, Support: Microsoft Research Asia
  • Implemented the platform by packaging APIs employed Blizzard JASS script for contestants to code AI agents
  • Designed the incentive and constraint mechanisms of the contest


    Refereed Papers
  • Yu Du, Yingsai Dong, Zengchang Qin and Tao Wan (2011), Exploring Market Behaviors with Evolutionary Mixed-Games Learning Model, International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence-Technologies and Applications (ICCCI 2011), Gdynia, Poland.(pdf)
  • Ying Ma, Guanyi Li, Yingsai Dong and Zengchang Qin (2010), Minority game data mining for Stock Market Predictions, 2010 Autonomous Agents & Multiagent Systems (AAMAS) Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction (ADMI 2010) , Toronto, Canada. (pdf)
  • Guanyi Li, Ying Ma, Yingsai Dong and Zengchang Qin (2011), Behavior learning in minority games, Collaborative Agents - REsearch and Development (CARE 09), Melbourne, Australia.(pdf)
    Book Chapter
  • Zengchang Qin, Yingsai Dong and Tao Wan (2011), Evolutionary Models for Agent-Based Complex Behavior Modeling, accepted and will appear in AIECM-Tuing 2012


Teaching Assistant, School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering, Beihang Univ.    09.2011~present Web Master, Intelligent Computing and Machine Learning Lab, Beihang University    09.2010~present
  • Designed and maintained the website of Intelligent Computing and Machine Learning lab.


Volunteer, Carnegie Mellon University Inspire Innovation: Beijing    11.2011
  • Set up the event for welcoming Carnegie Mellon University President Dr. Jared L Cohon
  • Mingled with CMU alumni, parents and perspective students
Visiting Student, Academic Visit to NTU, NTNU, NSYSU, Taiwan    04.2011~05.2011
  • Only 26 students selected from Beihang University, Peking University and Nankai University
  • Exchange the college student academic and research experiences with TaiWan Universities
Volunteer, Microsoft Student Summer Camp 2010, Microsoft Research Asia    08.2010
  • Help organized the 4-day summer camp activities including invited speeches, project presentations and social works.
Class President, Class of Information and Computing Sciences.    09.2009~08.2010
  • Organized class activities like debate contest, academic seminars, mountain camping, and some visits.
Secretary, Office of Student Union of Associations, Beihang University    10.2008~07.2010
  • Organizing the registration of all student associations and examined the requests for conducting activities.


  • Excellent recommended students (120/3000+) for admission to Beihang University
  • AVIC the First Aircraft Institute Scholarship (10/3000+)
  • 2nd Prize (30/1100) in 20th and 21th FengRu Cup (Highest Extracurricular Academic Award) Beihang Univ.
  • Top Ten (10/600+) Students in Comprehensive Qualities, School of Mathematics and System Science 2010
  • Scholarship for Excellent Academic Performance (2 times) Beihang University


  • [Prezi] a zooming presentation tool, and this is a demo made by myself.
  • [CD: IRON MAN 2 AC/DC] You can download all the music you can hear in the movie IRON MAN 2 which from the Austrilian Rock and Roll band "AC/DC". I bought the original CD from Amazon and am eager to share the music with anyone like it.
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