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-IUKM 2013 Technical Program

To download the technical program for IUKM 2013 please click here

The list of papers accepted for IUKM2013 is given below. If there are any discrepencies please contact us.
Serial NoPaper NoTitleCorresponding Author
12Using social networks for integrating a tacit knowledge repository to support the performance of software development teamsReyes Juarez-Ramirez
24Mining Statistically Significant Target mRNA Association Rules Based on microRNAFeng Chen
35Generic discounting evaluation approach for urban image classificationAhmed Samet
46Dempster-Shafer Theory with SmoothnessRonald Böck
512Interval Algorithm for Set-Membership Identification of MIMO LTI SystemXiaojun Wang
614A probabilistic model for prioritizing engineering design requirements in uncertain QFDHong-Bin Yan
715Applying OWA operator to model group behaviors in uncertain QFDHong-Bin Yan
816An Approach for Obtaining Bargaining Set in Multi-choice GamesTianwen Li
923Design and Implementation of an Office Automation Assistant Utility using Adobe AIR TechnologyLiang Liao
1025An optimized method for selection of the initial centers of K-Means clusteringYongjun Zhang
1127Improving Short Text Classification Using Public Search EnginesMeng Wang
1228New Propagation Algorithm in Dynamic Directed Evidential Networks with Conditional Belief FunctionsWafa Laâmari
1330Robot Reasoning using First Order Bayesian NetworksSajjad Haider
1433Modified NFTSM on state in Switched Reluctance Motor speed controllerYong Cheng
1534Evidentila Grammars for Image Interpretation. Application to multimodal traffic scene understandingBordes Jean-Baptiste
1637Tacit knowledge formalization to support the adoption process of software quality modelsVioleta Ocegueda Miramontes
1741A Random Set and Rule-Based Regression Model Incorporating Image LabelsGuanyi Li
18EmailSub13Uncertain Nonlinear System Modeling and Identification using Belief Rule-Based SystemsYu-wang Chen
19EmailSub14Spatial Weighting for Bag-of-Features Based Image RetrievalJunyi Xiong


The location for IUKM 2013 is given below and the authors are requested to kindly register at this location at 8:00am on 12th July 2013.

Room # E-706, New Main Building,
Beihang Univeristy,
37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District,
Beijing, China.

Map of the location of the conference venue is given below: